Create a vision board for yourself

Don't get distracted by all the things in the world...

An example vision board showing motivational texts and images

We are constantly bombarded with a lot of distractions in life and it might be hard to stay focused on your goals, the distractions are always pulling our attention to other things going on in the world.

To stay motivated and not get disturbed by all these distractions you need to constantly remind yourself of why you are working so (or should be) working so hard towards your goal.

Introducing: The vision board

No… the vision board is nothing new and it’s not something I’ve come up with 😉
It is, however, a perfect way to stay motivated and not getting disturbed by everything else in this world.
A vision board is basically a board with, you guessed it, pictures and texts about your vision.

It could have pictures of:

  • Your dream home
  • People in good shape
  • Friends and Family
  • Places you’d like to travel
  • Things you’d like to do
  • and so on…

You can also put affirmations and quotes that resonate with you

  • I’m financially independent
  • I’m in good shape
  • I’m grateful for all the things I have
  • I’m living life on purpose
  • and so on…

By writing down your visions and goals, rather than just thinking about them, you are placing them out in the world and you are much more likely to try and achieve them. If you just think about your goals you will loose focus since there are so many other things and thoughts constantly jumping in the way.

Where should your vision board be placed?

It should be big enough and in a place so that you constantly see it.

The idea is that you should see it often enough that you are reminded to do the things neccessary to reaching your goals. There are really no limitations to where you can put it but I’ll give you three quite good examples of where you could have it.

Mobile background

People are constantly looking at their phones. I myself am no exception (Although I try not to take out my phone every ten seconds..). The phone is a perfect place to put your vision board, since you will be looking at it quite often. The only downside is the size of the screen, so you will have to be quite economic with your screen’s real estate.

So just make a vision board, the size of your mobile screen and set it as a background. If you don’t have the skills to edit images you can use some of the apps for it. Googling gave me several ones instantly: here (App store), or here (Play store) or here (App store).

Desktop background

This is the second best thing to the phone, as people are also constantly staring at their screens, either at work or when at home trying to get things done. There is also more room on the wallpaper to put stuff so it will be easier to cram in more visions 😉

Physical board

If you’re a bit more old school (Nothing wrong with that) and want to have a physical cork board (or whiteboard) on your wall for hanging pictures and text you can also do that. Just cut out pictures from magazines and go crazy with your scissor cutting and pasting. The “negative” thing with a physical vision board is that it won’t be as mobile to take with you if you’re traveling a lot or moving around all the time. You will also have to find a good place to place it so that you will see it often.

What if someone sees my vision board and judges me?

Some people might be ashamed about having something like this on the wall in their home or as a background on their devices, thinking that other people will judge them. If you are one of these people read my post on Herd Mentality or check out Arnold’s 6 rules to success where you might find some useful tips.

Taking things further

You don’t just have to create the vision boards yourself to be motivated about reaching your goals. You can also utilize social media to motivate yourself. Follow groups on Facebook dedicated to the areas of your goals and your feed will start filling with useful posts and images about that area.

If you’re interested in Personal Development overall you can join The Personal development global group, where likeminded people are sharing their goals and wishes.

Follow the @reachyourlifegoals Instagram to get daily motivationg to your instagram feed, rather than looking at your friends meals and starbucks coffees. There’s also a bunch of other instagram accounts for motivation in different areas, depending on what your goals are.

Like the Facebook page for my blog and you will also see motivational quotes and other posts in the area of personal development. And you’ll see when new content has been posted =)

What’s on your vision board?