Do the 7-day positivity challenge

You want to be the yellow guy... =)

An image of a bunch of smiley being blue and sad, with one yellow happy one mixed in.

This is a concept by Anthony Robbins, taken from the book Awaken the giant within. The challenge is quite hard to do if you are not a super positive person.

It is, however, one of the favorite things I’ve learned from Tony, since it is super easy to start implementing and you will start seeing results quite fast. (we’re talking days or weeks here btw..)

When you have managed to get through this challenge you will be a much more positive person and things will more likely go your way “on autopilot”. (Good things happen to positive people, just trust me on this..)

Here are the rules of the challenge that will show you how to be more positive:

  1. For the next 7 days do not dwell on bad thoughts or feelings.
  2. When you catch yourself thinking or feeling something negative, focus on changing your mindset to a better state.
  3. When a challenge appears focus on solutions and what the possible solutions could be.
  4. If you dwell on something negative for more than 10 seconds, start the challenge over from day 1.

As you can imagine this challenge will take some while if you are honest with yourself as the mind will quite often go to negative thoughts and get stuck there. But once you get through it you will be a much more awesome person.

And who doesn’t like hanging out with positive people?

How to bring your mind off negative thoughts?

This can be quite tricky if you are a negative person, but don’t worry too much if this is hard at the beginning because it will get easier the more you practice. Just by trying you are making an active effort to become more positive, and that will also help. Anyways here are some tips on how to be more positive and happy when you fall into negative thought patterns:

  • Just think of something positive
  • Meditate to calm your thoughts down
  • Tell someone about it and then don’t think about it anymore
  • Write it out and then don’t think about it anymore
  • Watch a funny YouTube video.
  • Think of things that you are grateful for.

Invite your friends to do this positivity challenge and help make this place we live a better world!