Books worth reading

A picture of some books on grass. Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power

Here Is a list of my favorite books in different areas and some short summaries of them. It’s a mix of great books to read and classic books to read.

Most of these will be in the genre of non-fiction and also self-help/development as I find those to be most applicable to real-life scenarios. But don’t fear! I will also include some fiction books if you’re more into that genre.

I will write reviews of these books when I get more time for it =)

There will also be quite many biographies of successful people as those are packed with great information on what mistakes to avoid when reaching success in life.

Be sure to at least read some of these before you die ūüėČ and Preferably while you can still enjoy the fruits of the ideas in them.

Wealth and success

The mindsets of those who are rich can also be applied to many other areas of life where you want to be successful

  • Rich dad poor dad¬†– By having 2 “Fathers” Robert¬†Kiyosaki was able to learn what separates the rich and the poor in economical thinking
  • 6 months to 6 figures¬†– How a guy went from broke to a millionaire in 6 months and now helps thousands of people doing the same
  • Millionaire fastlane¬†– MJ Demarcos tips on building a business and becoming a millionaire
  • The 50th Law¬†¬†[Review]¬†– Book about 50 cents journey to success


  • Power of now¬†– How to live in the present moment and not judge everything that is going on in your life (Get it as an audiobook or you’ll fall asleep)
  • A new Earth¬† – The predesessor to the Power of now (get this one as audibook as well)
  • Happiness Hypothesis¬†– Learn how you can be happy in the modern world, backed by science
  • Osho: Living dangerously¬†– Here’s some goold old fashioned wisdom from a super-relaxed guy


Why make the same mistakes successful people have done before you? Instead read their story and follow their path to reach your own success.

  • Unbroken¬†– Almost ran the 4 minute mile, went to war, crashed in the ocean, survived 47 days on a raft, spent 2 years on a POW camp and survived
  • Michael Jordan: the life¬†– Play basketball and stay humble, keep on training and hustlin
  • Total recall¬†– Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biography about his bodybuilding, moving to the US, becoming an actor and later on a governor.
  • 10% happier¬†– How a news-anchor got a panic attack on live TV and decided to find happiness


This section might be more for the men that for the ladies. Although some of the books contain dating advice for both sexes.

  • Modern Romance¬†[Review]¬†– Dating in todays world is not the easiest when we have so many options
  • Models¬†– Be honest when interacting with girls and dress nicely
  • No more Mr nice guy¬†– Live your own life and don’t let people walk over you.
  • Nine Ball¬†– How a guy went from being depressed, coming from a bad background, into having threesomes on a weekly basis with his girlfriend. Crazy story


These 2 are not books, but awesome blogs on the subject of health and nutrition.

Marks daily apple
When I first go interested in health and nutrition found Marks daily apple and his variant of the Paleo diet. After a while on the forums there I also got interested in the concept of Intermittent Fasting, as that was an idea some of the members also practice.

When researching on Intermittent Fasting I found Leangains which has a lot of fact-based information on how fasting can be combined with weightlifting. The information on there is scientifically proven and I can personally tell that it works.


When I find new books that I enjoy and I feel will bring value to you I will add them here.


Which books are your favorites?