The importance of being energized and 8 ways to stay energized

You need energy to get stuff done...

Man jump through the gap.

When you want to get something done, for example reaching a goal or getting some task done, it is crucial that you are energized. Even getting started will be hard if you’re not energized.

So what does it mean to be energized? well you should not have to force yourself to do a task, but rather you should have so much energy and be so restless to get something done that you just start working on it.

Getting to a point where you are so energized that you just want to get things done is the target. Because once you get to the point where you just can’t wait to work on something it will feel amazing whilst you are doing it. And the other upside is that you will get stuff done and it will likely pay off for your future self.

I, for example, just really felt that I should write this post. And when I start I just start writing on some specific subject and continue until I feel that I’m done. I really enjoy it and get into a zone where it just kinda flows out of me. Nothing more nothing less.

To become energized you will have to get rid of all the bad habits that hinder you from reaching that level. One important factor is nutrition, because if your brain is not getting the optimal fuel your thoughts will not be optimal as well. Other things that might stop you are stimulants like drugs and caffeine. Smoking is not good for you either.

How to become more energized

Eat right

Lots of vegetables that are rich in fibers and vitamins that your body needs, skip processed foods that are not good for your body. Eat omega-3 rich foods like fish and chia seeds, or supplement with omega-3 pills. Omega-3 is super important for your brain to work optimal. Think of it like oil for the gears in your brain.


Exercising will help you feel more energized and will burn away fats storing unhealthy toxins that should not be in your body. Doing a cleanse might also help for this to kick-start it, but you must remember to exercise to not fall back in to old habits. Read also: 6 reasons you should exercise regularly

Take a break

If you’re working on a longer task, take a break now and then to relax. Watch a YouTube video or similar. But put a limit on the time you break so that it doesn’t end up in a 2-hours YouTube marathon. I recommend you to watch motivational videos as they will boost your motivation as well.

Stay positive and stop complaining

Nothing good ever comes out of complaining, unless you are complaining to someone who has the power to change things, and even then it is just a negative activity. If you sit and complain for yourself you are just going to bring yourself into a negative mindset and kill your energy. Instead focus on staying positive and realize that everything is most likely good =)

Be grateful

This subject probably deserves a post in itself, but for the sake of this I’m just going to tell you that you should be grateful for everything you have. Even small things as sleeping in a bed at night. Many people don’t have this privilege. Getting clean, fresh water on tap, a privilege that 663 million people in the world don’t have.

Work in a bright environment

When you work in a bright environment your brain will think that it is daytime and you will be more awake and alert. If you work in and environment that is dark you will in turn get more sleepy. This is one of the ways to feel more awake. (One awesome tip for waking up in the morning is to get a wakeup light, or program a light to turn on in the morning).

Have a snack

If you are feeling that your blood-sugar is becoming low and that you need energy it is wise to eat some snack. Fruits and nuts are an excellent go-to snack that is packed with healthy fats and energy. Yogurt with granola is also good as the yogurt has healthy bacteria for your stomach and the granola is rich in fibre.


If your brain is racing at 100 MPH you will most likely miss a lot of good ideas. Also when your brain is racing it will be hard to focus down on something as millions of thoughts will pop into your head and distract you. By meditating you will calm down and be able to do what you have in mind wihtout being distracted as much. I will write a post on how to meditate later, but for now you can check this simple explainer video and start from there.


What’s your favorite way to stay energized?