6 reasons you should exercise regularly

Because exercise... is.... wait for it..... good for you!

Picture of poeple in a gym doing exercises.

In my posts I give quite many examples of exercising and getting into shape. The reason for this is that there are so many benefits to being in good shape. It’s actually a quite important building block in your path to success. You will be able to think clearer and make better decisions.

My personal journey to getting in shape started around 8 years ago when I wasn’t in my best shape. I wasn’t overweight or anything. But I still had a couple of extra pounds of fat that could be worked away and turned into muscle instead.

I managed to work myself into somewhat good shape. But it wasn’t until I started studying at University and training smarter that I realized how much clearer my thoughts were.

It’s not just about looking good on the beach or being attractive overall. There are a lot of other added benefits that people either don’t know, or choose to ignore. But in case you didn’t know or have forgotten I’ll list the major ones here for you 😉

The 6 reasons to exercise

-Miracle_Cure!-_Health_Fraud_Scams_(8528312890)Less diseases/conditions

Many of today’s health related diseases are due to bad eating habits and not exercising enough. They are commonly called Diseases of affluence. Since a common thing for many of these are a lack of exercise you can prevent getting them by doing regular exercise. (No-brainer really)


2000px-Sert_-_happy_smile.svgBetter mood and less stress

By exercising your body will produce chemicals that relieve stress and make you feel better about yourself. This will in turn increase your confidence and self-esteem. This in itself is a reason why you should exercise.


sunglasses-summer-model-happyMore energy

Regular exercise will increase your muscle strength and endurance which will in turn allow you to have a longer day without problems. It will also improve your heart- and lung-capacity which is crucial since the blood transports oxygen and nutrients to both your brain and muscles.



Is this you?

Better sleep

Exercise will help you fall asleep faster and deeper since your body will have the urge to recover, and the majority of your body’s recovery is done during sleep (This is why sleep is so important when building muscle).

Note: Don’t exercise close to bedtime tho since it might energize you too much and prevent you from falling asleep 😉 Try keeping at least 3 hours between your exercise and bedtime.


Loose_JeansWeight control

This one is quite obvious but basically by burning energy in combination with a good diet you can burn away excess fat. If you want to gain weight the same thing applies.



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No elephants were hurt writing this blogpost

Better sex!

This, if none of the above, is a reason that you should start exercising and getting into shape. Women will start feeling more aroused and men will have less problems with erectile dysfunction.

Guys: Not only will you look better to your partner, you will also be able to last longer in bed since you are not getting exhausted as quickly and can control your body. This is btw a good reason to take up Yoga where you will train being in control of your body.


What is your favorite side-effect of exercise?