Review: Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich

Unleash the animal inside of you ;)

Just finished the Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovish and must say that it is superpacked with good information.

Some of it I didn’t know from before, and some I did, but repetition never hurts if you’re trying to learn something.

I wish a book like this was available when I got into Personal Development.

He also has a bunch of awesome content in his blog over at

The books is filled with various mindsets to help you in your path to success

Some of the mindsets

The book is mainly about the various mindsets you should have in your life, tackling challenges and working towards success.

Money is not evil

Money is neither good or bad, only the people in control of the money might be good or bad. Getting rid of the belief that money is good or bad and realizing that it is a necessity to living a “good life” is so key.

Importance of exercise

The book into great lengths of promoting how important it is to exercise and get the blood flowing through your body and to your brain. And this is really true!

Getting up in the morning and having a morning routine

Various tips for getting up in the morning although it might seem hard.

  • Jumping out of bed the first thing you do when you wake up.
  • Taking cold showers.
  • Doing a brain-warmup so that your brain is also started for the tasks of the day.

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Which nutrients and vitamins will work good for several things in your life? Some will improve your memory and problem solving skills. Others will get you more happy and motivated to do things. The chapters end with him stressing that the most important thing for brain function is that you exercise.


This is a concept that I’ve been trying to implement in my life at times as well: Changing your posture to the one of a successful person. By walking and standing like a successful person your mind will also start thinking that you are a successful person. He really stressed that you should actively try to correct your posture several times a day to make it stick. This was a lesson that I’ll start implementing from now on


I got it as an audiobook and one big plus is that he reads it himself, something that makes the book more personal and have more pondus (sample). I kind of hate it when audiobooks have some boring narrator of the story.

The book has several very practical tips and “worksheets” that you should do. This is actually one of the first audiobook where I’ve bookmarked several places so that I can later go back and do the exercises.

I recommend you check it out, it’s only 4hours long as an audiobook, but those 4hours are very packed with good information.