Are you underestimating your value and is it possible to change that?

You probably have a lot more to offer than you think...

Two men arm-wrestling with text overlay saying: What is your value?

One common thing people tend to do is that they feel humble among everyone else in their field, not taking credit for the things that they can, and do bring to the table.

Why is this a bad thing?

Well for starters it makes everyone try to be average, and if everyone is average then no one is extraordinary, and then our society and technology, will not grow because no one is trying to do things differently.

Apple’s motto is “think different”, and they are one of the most inventive companies in the world. Steve Jobs did not say: “ahh lets make another phone with a small screen and a t9 keyboard”. Instead he was saying: “lets build a big screen that reacts to touch and make it a phone” (He probably didn’t say that but still….)

It is also bad for you, on a personal level, to be humble and not take credit for anything.
If you don’t think that you’re good at anything what is motivating you? What will make you get out of bed in the morning? You will just be another brick in the wall not trying to make any noise.

My story

When I started this blog I was a bit wondering what I would write about. How I could bring value to others? It was a bit odd as I felt that I did not have enough content for more than several posts maybe..

I still decided to start listing different topics that I could write about, starting with reviews of various personal development books I’ve read and enjoyed.
Adding on this with some topics related to concepts from the mentioned books.
It all ended up with me having a little over 90 topics to write about.
If I would write 1 post a day for 3 months straight I would still have some topics to write about.

This came a bit as a chock to me, I didn’t think I had this much information worth sharing to bring out to the world.

And the funny thing is that now as I’ve been writing more and more posts, I keep coming up with new topics that I’d like to write about and I keep on filling the list with topics. Am I ever going to run out of ideas?

I now have 107 posts planned… CRAZY!

But how can you get out of this trap of believing that you’re not enough or that you don’t have anything of value to share?

1. Write down your positive references

First of all, start thinking about all the things you know and try to remember all those good references you have gotten in your field. Write those down on a list.

When you have this list of references you will instantly realize that there were so many things you had forgotten about your skills and talents. This is because people tend to focus only on the negative things and not reinforce the positive things in theirs lives.

By having this list you will remind yourself that you are worth something and that you have a lot of wisdom to share to others. Read through that list every now and then to remind you about the good experiences you’ve had.
Heck… even put it on your vision board! (Do you have a vision board?)

2. Decide what you want to do with your new-found knowledge

Well now that you’ve realized that you have something to offer and bring to this world you should decide what you want to do with your new-found knowledge.

If it is work related you can start focusing down on that even more to bring more value to your company/business.

Maybe you can bring a lot of value into other peoples lives, helping those who struggle in the area where you know a bit?

Be creative and think of how you best can utilize your knowledge to bring value into your own and other people’s lives.

3. Dream big

Now that you know how you want to utilize your knowledge to bring value into your own life and others, you’ve got to dream big and scale it up to levels that no one else is doing it at..

Make it your goal to use you knowledge to reach your goals, and multiply those goals by ten to further motivate yourself.

Think of it this way:
Would you rather fail at trying to reach a goal of earning $1M than a goal of earning $100K ?

I’d go for the larger goal at least. My reasoning is that if you fail at reaching a larger goal you have probably already surpassed that smaller goal. and You are sure to put in more effort if you make it your goal to reach something big.

Why set and average goal when you can set and extraordinairy goal?

No one has ever said “I want to live an average life” or “I want to reach average success”

Everyone wants the “super-duper life” or the “extraordinary success”

Be proud of what you’re doing

Even if your friends and family might not get value out of something you’re doing, someone will.
I get several likes and shares now when I make a new post, and I’ve only been doing this for a month =)

Just keep at what you’re doing and don’t get discouraged. If you get criticized for what you are doing and trying to reach success in something, you’re probably doing something right.

It’s like the famous saying goes: “Haters gonna hate”.

Just do like Arnold says in his 6 rules to success: “Ignore the naysayers”

Hope you’ve gotten something out of this post =) If it resonated with you feel free to share it to your friends 😉