What are you doing on your downtime?

Are you using your free time efficiently?

A clock with overlayed text: Are you using your time efficiently?

When you get home from work or school what do you do?

Do you sit down in the sofa, turn on the tv and watch something?

Do you sit in front of the computer to play some games with your friends?

Or do you hustle? and work towards your goals?

If you are serious about reaching your goals you should use all your time efficiently.

So when you come home from work and have nothing better to do than to sit and play some games, maybe you instead go and build some great ideas and products.

“But I don’t have time..”

People constantly complain about not having enough time on their hands to get things done. What they don’t realize is that they don’t have enough energy on their hands.

Everyone in this world have the same 24 hours a day to do what they want. You are no different!

What you do with this time is going to define how successful you are on your endeavors.

Who is going to be more successful?:

Someone training 1 time a week for 1 hours

Someone training 1hour a day every day.

Thought so!

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way we can focus on you using your time efficiently.

Use your down-time efficiently

“An individual’s success is a reflection of how one utilizes their down-time” -John Brown

Anytime, anywhere, when you realize that you will have to wait 15 minutes or more you should shift your focus to doing something productive.

If someone is late for a meeting, listen to an audiobook while waiting. Just because someone is late doesn’t mean that your time should go to waste.

Your time is precious and you should treat it as such. Energy on the other hand is unlimited, so at those times when you have “dead” time on your hand you should put energy on doing something productive with it!

Some examples:

  • While commuting to work, listen to audiobooks
  • Waiting for a flight at the airport? Write a page of that novel (or whatever you work on..)
  • Waiting for an appointment at the doctors office? Listen to an audiobook

I’m currently writing this blogpost on a 2 hour train ride to another town.

Be creative! even going for a walk on a sunny day you can bring your headphones to listen to some wise words by some successful person.

Some people call these small time-windows for “Gifts of time” because they are really useful if you utilize them correctly. So you should start seeing any window as an opportunity for doing something productive.

Wake up early to do things

Don’t have enough time after work to manage and do the things that you need?

Maybe you have a family that requires your attention…

Other things you have planned in the evening might also be interfering with your plans to get stuff done.

The solution? Wake up and hour early to get stuff done

I sometimes get up at 5AM and crank out a blog post before going to the gym at 7 and then on to work at 9. When I come home in the evening I might write another blogpost or do some promotion of the blog so that you can find your way here 😉

Another benefit with doing things early in the morning is that you’ll have high levels of glucose in your brain to do the tasks.

Can’t be bothered to work on your “free time”?

There are many possible reasons why you don’t want to work on your “free time”.

Following are some of the more common ones..

Wrong mindset

If you think that you will become successful at anything by playing games or watching the TV you are in for a bad treat.

You have to realize that if you don’t put in the work you will not reach your goals. There is no instant gratification!

The world is not a crazy enough place to reward those who don’t deserve it!

What do you get out of playing games or watching some mind-numbing series?

Note: I sometimes watch series and movies as well. I’m not a robot! But watching movies and series all the time instead of working on your goals is just a waste of time. So don’t complain about being stuck in a rut if you’re not working hard towards your goals

Lack of motivation

If you don’t feel motivated to do something you will have to fix your motivating by thinking about why you want to do the task in the first place..

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why are you doing the task in the first place?
  • Is the task necessary for you success?
  • Will you feel better after you’ve gotten the task done?

If nothing else helps watch a motivational video on youtube. Those short intense rants usually put you in the right state to get working on your goals.

Lack of energy

If you’re lacking energy to get things done then you need to do something about your energy.

  • Are you sleeping enough?
  • Are you getting quality sleep?
  • Are you eating correctly?
  • Are you execrising regularly?

Read also: why it’s so important to be energized and 8 simple ways you can boost your energy

If you’re too tired in the evening to work on your goals then go to sleep and get up earlier instead to do it in the morning.
I sometimes go to sleep already at 9 PM if I’ve had a rough day and I’m feeling tired. The next day I wake up energized and do the tasks then instead


Good things come to those who hustle!

I sometimes don’t feel motivated to write a blog post. And I know it sucks to get started, but then when I get started I realize that it’s well worth it and that it won’t be a big problem to do it after all.

Working on your own goals is never a bad thing. You should have a hunger for success so big that you’re willing to even loose sleep over it.
Note that I’m not saying you should ignore sleeping as it is super important for keeping a healthy body and mind.

I love a quote from 50 cent when they asked him when he’s able to get any sleep (Because he was doing all kinds of things at the same time):

“Sleep? Sleep is for those people who are broke. I don’t sleep, I might miss the opportunity to make a dream become a reality”


What do you do to use your time efficiently?