“Shit” happens to everyone

Doesn't matter, just turn the shit into sugar...

Playing cards showing a King of clubs and a four of clubs

One of the things that I have realized as an underlying theme in many of the personal development concepts and discussions is this:

Shit will happen to everyone, it is how you handle the shit that will define how well you do in life.

This is something that I strongly believe in.

I do not take it too hard if bad things happen to me, I just realize they do and by not putting too much weight on them move on with my life.

Putting energy on negative things is never good.

Anyone can get out of their bad situations in life if they really want to.
I might be generalizing now, but that’s just how it is. Trust me. Or don’t…

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

Now I’m not a very religious person, but that prayer makes total sense to me.

Why worry over things that you can’t control?

The things you can control, however, those you should definitely do something about..

You might argue that some people are worse off than others, which is totally true. But it doesn’t hinder them from taking action and moving on in theirs lives; Making somethings of themselves.

Many successful people actually come from very bad or odd backgrounds, where they’ve reached a point and just said: “Fuck it” and did something about it. Why should you be any different if you’re not happy with your current situation?

  • Jay-z sold drugs and lived in a housing project
  • Eminem lived in a caravan with his mother and brother
  • J.K Rowling was dirt-poor and a single-mother before her breakthroughs with HP
  • Jim Carrey’s family all lived in a camper. He’s been homeless and even worked as a janitor
  • Mark Wahlberg dropped out of school at 14 and turned to crime and spent 50days in jail for assault.
  • Sylvester Stallone was basically homeless and had to sell his dog before his breakthrough with Rocky Balboa
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger went to America on nothing but a dream
  • Tony Robbins was chased out of his house by his mother with a knife at 17, never to return. Also worked as a Janitor

These are just a few examples. There’s plenty more from where that came from, if you want more examples just google rags to riches

There’s an awesome paragraph in the 50th law about this:

Every negative situation contains the possibility for something positive, an opportunity. It is how you look at it that matters. Your lack of resources can be an advantage, forcing you to be more inventive with the little that you have. Losing a battle can allow you to frame yourself as the sympathetic underdog. Do not let fears make you wait for a better moment or become conservative. If there are circumstances you cannot control, make the best of them. It is the ultimate alchemy to transform all such negatives into advantages and power.

Further continuing:

Events in life are not negative or positive. They are completely neutral. The universe does not care about your fate; it is indifferent to the violence that may hit you or to death itself. Things merely happen to you. It is your mind that chooses to interpret them as negative or positive. And because you have layers of fear that dwell deep within you, your natural tendency is to interpret temporary obstacles in your path as something larger–setbacks and crises.

Now that’s some wisdom for you right there!

This is also a concept that I’ve run across in some meditation and self-awereness books.

So the next time something bad happens to you, realize that it’s just something happening and then you move on from there. It is neither bad or good.

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