Review: Then TenX rule by Grant Cardone

The only difference between success and failure

Cover for the book "The tenx rule" by Grant Cardone

So recently finished the TenX rule by Grant Cardone and can say that I highly recommend that you read it (Or listen to it).

The audiobook is awesome because it’s actually himself narrating it for you and he has a way of bringing the message home effectively. You can listen to a sample here

This book is motivation on a high level and full with good mindsets to implement on your journey to success.

Some of the main ideas of his book:

Put in ten times more effort

According to Cardone you have to put in 10 times more effort than your competitors if you like to succeed. Makes sense.. Just have to remember to work smart also and not waste that 10X effort on useless tasks.

There is no shortage of success

People tend to believe that success is on limited supply and only some people can achieve it. This is a mindset that anyone trying to reach success will have to change if they’re going to be successfull. The only thing that is a limited resource is time and therefore you have to use your time wisely.
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You don’t want to be normal

If you want massive success, why should you strive to be like everybody else.. Average people reach average success and extraordinary people reach extraordinary success.

4 types of people: nodoers, retreaters, average and massive action


People who don’t seem to know that they are stuck in a rut and won’t know how to change. These are the people who will not be reading his book in the first place.


These guys know that they need to do stuff to get better but choose to actively avoid their responsibilites. You don’t want to be this type.


These are the people doing some things but not enough, because remember: average people get average results. If you want success this is not the type you should be..

Massive action

This is who you want to be… The person that takes massive action on reaching your goals. If you are of this type you don’t need to change anything but just keep on hustlin’ towards your goals.

Set tenX goals

Another concept of the TenX rule is to set your goals 10 times higher than you think. Then if you fail you will most likely have put in much more work and therefore come longer than you would’ve with a smaller goal.
Some people set low goals so that they will be achievable and that is not something you should aim to do as you are just limiting yourself and not challenging yourself enough.
If you don’t reach your goal: fine, but don’t set it too low just to be able to reach it.
He also goes through how some people seem to lower their goals halfway through just so that they can reach their goals, but this is just lying to yourself and basically the same as failing. There should be no shame in not being able to reach a goal. (The goals should be challenging)

Go all in and don’t be afraid to fail, you have unlimited energy

The term All In come from poker and means that you put all your chips on the table because you trust in your cards. If you loose you’re usually out.
People tend to believe that it’s like this in real life as well: if you put too much effort into one thing and fail you won’t recover.
In real life, however, your currency is actually your energy and that is a resource that you get more of all the time, so if you fail on one task you have energy the next day to do another task.
Don’t be afraid to fail

Build momentum (law of inertia)

I recently wrote a blogpost about building momentum to stay motivated and reach your goals. This is what Grant calls Law on inertia which means the same thing: If you do something for enough days in a row you will be less likely to stop the next day.

It’s nice to see that some of the concepts I’m implementing are also being used by successful people

Use fear as an indicator to start, it’s your green light

This is a concept I really loved from his book: If something scares you it is a good indicator that you should do it, and do it quick.
He’s been told several times that “he is fearless” and it is all thanks to him taking massive action instantly when something scares him so that he can get it out of his mind.
Think of it this way: The more you will think about something that scares you, the more reasons you will find not to do it.

Criticism means your doing something right

If you get criticism for what you’re doing you’re probably doing something right. Remember that you can’t always please everyone, and if you try to please everyone you won’t reach any success. Be on the spectrum in a way that people either love you or hate you.
All publicity is good publicity.

Chapter on excuses

This chapter is really good and can probably be a good wake up call for someone reading the book. I know that I’ve used many of the excuses not to do stuff in the past. There should be no excuses!

Build your brand to be equivalent with your business

The chapter on building a brand so strong that it comes equivalent to a term used in the business. For example: people don’t search things on the internet, they google things on the internet.
Back in the day Xerox were so big in the Office printers/Copiers that people usually said “give me a Xerox of that” and “Xerox me a copy”.

He goes on to explain that he wants to have his name be equivalent with sales, so that when someones thinks of sales they should think “Grant Cardone”. His goal is to make himself known to all the people in the world (remember: set massive goals)


So if you want to reach success this is one of the books you should definitely read.. Pick up a copy for yourself over at Amazon.