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Having other people around is always nice...

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They say the fastest way to becoming a millionaire is to hang out with billionaires, Not because they will give you their money, but because their mindsets and ideas will rub off on you, and you will in turn start doing things that will work in your favor when reaching, in this case, financial freedom.

If you take a look at your 5 closest friends, there is quite a high risk that you all have the same values and mindsets. This can be a bad thing if you’re trying to improve, as their mindsets might not be the optimal ones for succeeding and they will hold you back.

I’m not saying that you should ditch your friends because of this, but you should be aware that what they are doing might not be the best way. Friends and Family can often hold people back from reaching success with their limiting beliefs and mindsets.

When you want to effectively learn something in any field you should immerse yourself in the subject totally. This way you will constantly and quickly improve yourself while staying motivated to do so.
This applies for self-development and all other areas of life. If you want to learn and stay motivated you should find like minded people who will motivate you on your journey.

Better yet, to stay even more motivated is to surround yourself by people who are already successful in the area you’re interested in.  You should try to hang around people who are:

  1. On your own level
  2. Above your level.

They are the ones obviously doing things that work. By surrounding yourself with them you will start mimicking their behaviors and therefore reach their level of success.
Later on when you are succeeding you should also hang out with people on a level below you so that you, in turn, can help them reach your level.


Where to find like-minded people?

Back in the days it could be quite hard to find people who had the same vision and hopes as yourself. They had to start out somewhere where these people met and then build a network from there.
You, on the other hand, with the help of social media can easily go onto Facebook and search for groups that are in the same area as you’re interested in.

By utilizing Facebook and joining groups where like minded people are discussing and hanging out you will be more immersed in the ideas relevant to that subject.
Your feed will start showing discussions, motivational quotes and articles about the subject instead of having to only look at your friends vacation pictures (read why Facebook can be bad for your self-esteem).

This constant “bombardment” of things related to the subject will make you think more deeply about it. You will learn new things, and it will definitely motivate you to keep working hard towards reaching your goals


Some of my favorite groups on Facebook for personal development:
Be aware that some of these groups (strikethough links) are not moderated well enough and some of the posts are just self-promotion of products and people trying to sell you stuff.. It’s quite easy to see through though so you just have to be a bit smart 😉

Update: I had a chat with some friends interested in personal development and we realized that the groups out there are way too crowded with spammers so we decided to start our own value-driven Facebook group for the purpose of sharing Personal Development related stuff =) This way we can limit the amount of spam.

Check it out!


  1. What a great post and so true. So glad I am immersing myself in a very positive commuity of like minded people!

  2. Love your post! My mindset shifted when I met a friend, he was always talking in millions, and that pulled me up to a bigger vision!A like minded positive community of like minded people around you = crucial

  3. Its always advisable to stick round the campfire so to speak aka keep around like minded and even more successful people on the same journey as you to reduce the doubting Thomases effect on your dream and vision for your life!

    I like your word “immerse yourself” thats the only way to keep going and heading to your targets!

  4. HI Nathan

    This is such a powerful concept. I have thankfully been involved in a number of mastermind groups which is giving me the positive feedback needed to keep growing and looking over life my husband and I have always moved away from friends that were pulling us down.

  5. I’m really glad to read this article because I am constantly stressing this stuff, and constantly cutting people out of my network and trying to meet better ones. So many people stay limited due to their social circles however. Its really important for people to realize how much they are influenced by others. Thanks for sharing!

  6. So true Nathan, thanks for sharing. The groups that we choose to engage with either will or will not motivate us. We need to be sure that the people in the groups are genuine and not spamming rubbish. Thanks for sharing a very informative post.

  7. they say you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with so start finding like minded people

  8. Great post. I agree that this is a really good way to accelerate your learning.
    I’ve played tennis at a high standard for a number of years now. My secret to continually improving has been to find people of a better standard than me and practice with them. In the end, I got better than them and had to search for others so I know that principle really works.
    However, what do you do (especially in the personal development space) if the person you want to be friends with is too busy (or up themselves) to email you back? There’s a subject for your next blog post!
    Will share this on Twitter now.

    • That’s a really great way to succeed in life! By learning from those better than you.

      Well if the person doesn’t have time and won’t answer you then I’d say you first wait a while (The person might be busy) and then try contacting them again. If they don’t answer then maybe just skip trying to reach that person if they don’t have an interest..

      Thanks for giving me more topics to write about Joe! =) I’ve been thinking about adding a “suggestion” field to the side so that people can give feedback about what they’d like to learn about

      Thanks for sharing on twitter!

  9. So true Nathan, having the right people around not only keeps your mindset focused but also keeps you positive and on track for where you are wanting to go.

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